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I've been at college for 4 years, I have completed a C&G Electrotechnical Technology 2330 Level 2 &3, this allows me to become an electrician.

I recently completed a HNC in electrical technology, I was hoping to complete a degree in electrical engineering but can't carry on without a work placement, ultimately this is a better job but I struggle to find a company that's willing to take on new electrical engineers. Most companies are small and don't expect you to complete a degree, saying you want to complete a degree is basically saying you are going to move on and use them as a stepping stone. The good jobs are harder to get and there's more competition, applying to large FTSE100 and FTSE250 companies is very hard to get a placement and they'll probably want you to complete an apprenticeship.

Now I also have the choice to go into website design, I've been learning how to design websites online and didn't go to university or college for this, all the information is online, no need for university. This is a good option but isn't quite as well paid as electrical engineering plus you are stuck in all day.

I can imagine power engineering would be the best job, I want something that is challenging and rewarding, something that pays off in the end.

I would like a job as an electrical engineer but I have trouble getting it, I've been applying for the last 2 years and haven't had a thing back, also electrical engineering has a wide range of subdisciplines (Power, Control, Telecoms, Instrumentation, Electronics, Microelectronics), if I'm to get experience in instrumentation for example then that's not relevant to power engineering which ultimately I think is the best job, I can't get experience in power engineering, because the companies are large, I can't use anyone as a stepping stone except companies that are smaller which aren't relevant. I can imagine working as an electrician would be somewhat relevant but would it put you ahead of the other graduates?
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If you want to work for the big companies and have a lot more flexibility and choice in your career then its probably better that you complete a BEng degree at least in electrical engineering, with this you will be able to secure a good job plus the fact that you have done an HNC already means you can go straight into year 2 of the degree I believe but I'm not 100% sure on that though email university departments to find out.

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