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Hi everyone!

I'm currently trying to decide the biggest decision of my life so far, which is to decide which sixth form to go to. I would be so grateful if you could give me any advice that you have and perhaps any explanations of what and why you would do something in my position. Sorry that its so long. I had a lot to write. Please take the time to read and help if possible as this is a life changing decision for me. Thanks!

I currently attend Holy Trinity School C of E in Crawley, West Sussex and was planning on staying there for sixth form until I was told that I has been accepted at Christ's Hospital as someone chose to leave their place. I recieved my place just after I had sent my GCSE results to Christ's Hospital, which were:

English - A
English Literature - A
Science Double Award - AA
Maths - B
French - A
German - A*
Geography - A*
RS - A*
Business Studies - A

I am going to refer to Christ's Hospital as CH and Holy Trinity as HT as it is quicker to type.

BTW below are the websites to look at:

CH Official Website:

Independant Report on CH:

Holy Trinity C of E School, Crawley Official Website:

Holy Trinity Prospectus:

Holy Trinity Ofsted Report:

There are many reasons which make my decision so difficult to make.

To give some background information; I applied for CH first in November 2005. They were happy with my application and asked me to do the coursework (test pieces) for the subjects I was hoping to study at CH. They set pieces of work for potential students to do and then pick about 50 students from the many who apply to be interviewed. I was interviewed, but at first however was turned down, alongside 25 other people. I was of course very disappointed but I decided to put my name down on the waiting list in hope that a place may become available. Literally, on the last few days of the Summer holiday, whilst I was in Germany, we recieved a phone call, after I had sent my GCSE results to CH, telling us that I had been given a place as someone had turned their place down. My parents have recommended that I stay at HT but have told me that I have the choice of where I choose to study and whatever decision I choose they will support me in it.

I am studying at HT Sixth Form where I am happy. I have friends there and the teachers know me and like me. I also proved myself and achieved great results in GCSE. The 6th Form at HT is better than its Secondary School. I have nothing bad to say about the school and I think its a great school and I have really enjoyed my time there.

The reason I am attracted by CH is because of the whole experience I would gain by attending the school. The school has fantastic, and uptodate buildings, classrooms, and equipment. The teaching is of a very high quality and pupils achieve very high results there, both for GCSE and A level. The sports facilities are also very modern and plentiful, and the extra curricular activites and possibilities are endless. The school is also famous for its musical abilities, groups and opportunity to take on musical instruments in certain bands or orchestras. http://www.christs-hospital.org.uk/50.html
As I am entering the sixth form from another school there is the fact that I do not know anyone there and the teachers do not know me very well, only from CVs, letters and a 5 minute interview. The other pupils at CH sixth form have been with eachother for the last 5 years. Additionally, because I wasn't accepted in the first time I did not get the chance to experience the 6th form for 2 weeks in advance to the school term in the summer. Therefore I have not experienced day to day boarding life at all in depth.

I do no wherever I go I will enjoy myself thoroughly. The main thing I am worried about is missing out on certain aspects of life in both sixth forms. As CH sixth form is a boarding school, and not a day school at all, I would have to stay at the school and would only allowed to go home every 3 weeks. It is very likely that I would be allowed into town or outside of the facility with friends every weekend. As I am close to my family I am worried that by me going to CH I would change the dynamics of the family. I'm also worried that I might regret the time I have missed out with my family as in reality, because I am going to uni at 18, I would be leaving my family childhood at 16, 2 years earlier than necessary. As I have said before, I know I can achieve the good grades I want wherever I go as I have proved that to myself before and there is no doubt wherever I'll go that I won't be taught well. Holy Trinity is the best state sixth form in the county of West Sussex where I live.

Results table for the area where I live:

I am also concerned about missing out on friends outside of boarding school.

On the other hand if I did not attend CH I might miss out on a huge opportunity and experience of a life time. Although my father has said that the experience at CH would be similar to that of a university.

I would also have to give up my church youth groups, and scout group with whom I went to Kenya with this summer.

Of course, there is also the fact that my parents would have to pay for me to go to CH although I have got substantially reduced fees.

I would love to study at CH but perhaps not at the cost of loosing out on quality time with my family. Family and friends are the most important things I am taking into consideration in this decision.

I think I would really enjoy being at CH and I think I would really enjoy boarding life but I know I would definitely miss my friends and family but not be homesick.

There is also no garantee that I will be successful at CH but I'm quite sure that wherever I go I will be successful and happy.

I was also concerned whether I would make friends easily enough and fit in. What do you think?

Do you think I'm missing out on a big opportunity and experience if I do not go to CH?

Do you think I'm better off staying with what I know, HT?

Is it worth leaving home 2 years early for CH and miss out on the last two years of my childhood at home with my siblings and parents?

I would also be very interested to hear what others would do in my position and which sixth form they would choose and why?

I hope I have given enough background information and that you can give me advice asap as I need to make a decision fast as I have alread missed the first week and a bit of term at CH.

Your advice will be very much appreciated and I will be extremely grateful for it.

Many Thanks,
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CH is both boarding and day school

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I want to apply christ hospital school . Are you there student?
I am Chinese. Now I am studying GCSE. My school report says I got 2A*, 1A and 6B. Also in geography is C. I am afraid about my result.My Mandarin and Math got A* in last year.
Can you tell me about some details in entry exam?
Is there have 3 papers need to be chosen in exam?
My father can support me for the full fee so don't worry about the finance.

Thank you very much.....

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