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Broadgate Park Studio!!

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...never to be found when you need them though!
Students on campus, Nottingham University
University of Nottingham
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I never said they were useful reggie, just they they do exist.:wink:
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Well its not as if they check your rooms, im just saying its easy to have guests over
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=/ has anyone tried having a friend slep over their room?? lol.. just curious
Course... people do it all the time!
Im applying to notts, if i get in ive already decided i want to go to Broadgate because i went to visit. and i stayed over at my mates flat without any problems, so i think its okay, lol.
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Yeah, I've never had any problems when my friends stayed over...
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Is there ever a problem with friends who also have a flat at broadgate?
Reply 28
I doubt it.
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Just firmed my accommodation at Broadgate park!:-)
Same - i chose broadgate park just because i like having my own stuff i guess - but i am a little bit concerned about this whole perceived 'anti social' thing...surely its not much different to anyhwere else, only you have the choice to be social or stay in your rooms as opposed to a shared kitchen?
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I lived in larches 2 years ago and I'm still best friends with so many of my hallmates (my next door neighbour is my maid of honour!) one thing you're forgetting is everyone in your building also has a studio so you won't have any problems. Plus the whole of the area around larches including redwoods, spruces etc have the communal cafe and it becomes a very close knit community in those few buildings (and en there's the ghetto on the other side of bgp as we liked to call it, for no reason other than the buildings were older)
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Me being so organised I only just got round to even looking for accommodation at Notts, being a bit funny about sharing a bathroom I really wanted a self catered en-suite, and the only decent block, close enough to uni park campus was Broadgate hall, But the only two options left in there are standard or en-suite studio...managed to convince my parents that en-suite studio was the best option so have just applied for it as a first choice and will hopefully get one! glad to see others are worried about the antisocial thing as well, but have figured out of 600 kids in the same situation as us, we are likely to find a few we get along with and who want to socialise! and it'll be nice to be able to have whoever we want stay and not have to worry about other people not doing their washing up! Now I just need to get my head down and get my AAB for Zoology next year!

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