Freezer door has gap in seal?

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Hi guys;

Getting seriously stressed out. I live in rented accomodation, is my landlord is horrible: I told him the sofa I had was broke; and that I was buying a new one, and that I was assuming FULL and TOTAL responsibility for both the financial and logistical details. From there; he started about how a sofa from Ikea was "extravavgant", he wasn't prepared to pay for that; and that he was only under an obligation to replace on a like for like basis. So long story short; I have no desire to involve, a petty, tight-fisted bully. He was contacted only as a courtesy; and he wasn't being asked for anything, so asking him for any "help" is simply out of the question.

The freezer I have at the moment is a tabletop freezer from Argos;

There is a SUBSTANTIAL amount of ice; and I have noticed that there is quite a sizeable gap in the freezer door at the seal; I am able to quite comfortably fit a card (library card, bank card etc etc) within the gap.

My concerns are as follows:

1) What has come first, the chicken or the egg? What I mean is, has the substantial quantity of ice caused the door to stop working, or has the fact that the door is not closing 100% caused the buildup of ice?
2) I am currently defrosting the freezer as we speak. However; in the event that defrosting the freezer does not remedy the fault with the door; is there anything I can to get the door closed properly?
3) Would I be better getting a new freezer; or getting a replacement door? (I am talking about long term costs here; not just short term)
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The build up of ice is very likely. If not that, the sealant may have become deformed and you can order and replace that part.
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Well, it has been 2 weeks, and the ice seems to have come back. I maybe a little paranoid but; I think half a cm of ice in the space of 2 weeks is excessive.

The thing is; the door itself does not appear to have any major gaps in it; and the ice itself has been very powdery (like snow) which according to my research is indicative of hot air getting in and then cooling within the freezer itself.

Couple of observations:

1) I don't tend to open my freezer very often (maybe a couple of times a week at the most).
2) I have not stored a great amount of food; so it is pretty empty.
3) i have cleaned in, around and on the door seal, gasket and the surrounding area to remove any grime, dirt, debris etc etc; so the freezer itself is pristine.

The specific model, is Argos Value Range DD1-05 Tabletop Freezer


"Excess ice or frost has built up inside the
appliance. - Check that the door has not been left open.
- Check that the door gasket is clean and undamaged"

Neither of these seem to be applicable in my case, so what is causing the seemingly over sensitive ice formation?

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