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Reply 60
Aimzee, hopefully you will recieve letter tomorrow in the post.

My postman is annoyingly late because he chats up all the old girls haha. He is an good guy so i can't complain. I should get my mail about half 12.
Students at University of Huddersfield
University of Huddersfield
Reply 61
Oo just got the letter..

Laycock B
Flat 5
Room 1
Reply 62
stop rubbing it in :'(
Reply 63
Lol :biggrin:
Reply 64
omfg nope fek all in the mail. Now im getting pissed off with them. Phoning them up now and they can feel my wrath
Reply 65
okay wow that wasn't hard at all for them to tell me.

jenkinson a
flat 2
room 2
Reply 66
Arrived this morning....

Jenkinson D, Flat 4, room 1.

Weird considering i picked lively and not quiet...
Reply 67
Anyone know if Saville is quiet or lively?
Reply 68
Got a letter this morning (and about time too!)

Cinder Hill C
Flat 1
Room CC13

So that means I cant get away from number 3! Room 3 there when I live in number 3 here!
Reply 69
hey gof! just a couple of doors away from me mate :smile:
Reply 70 that shows which are busy and which aint

luckyseven, i rang digs up today because i asked for lively too, apparently in jenkinson blocks A and B are quiet and blocks C and D are lively because they had so many lively applicants this year
Reply 71
We'll make it lively regardless....but as it says in that guide it might be handy around exam time :wink:
Reply 72
Hmmm digs people are evil! Me and some friends have rung this morning after one of us found out in the post and the rest hadnt recieved anything yet. When we all rang we got the same guy who just said straightaway before we had chance to speak 'we sent them out yesterday' and hung up! How rude lol! Mum's just about to do the concerned/ annoyed parent routine for me on the phone and see if that gets us anywhere hehe.
Vix x
Reply 73
unlucky vixy, hope your mum sorts them out. hopefully the letters will come tomorrow for those still waiting patiently lol.
Reply 74
I know but Im gettin really excited now want to know where Im living for next year:biggrin: Think I might be in Lower Hartley fingers crossed!
Vix x
Reply 75
Wow it worked:biggrin:
Lower Hartley
Flat A
Room 7
Vix x
Reply 76
Saville C
Flat 2
Room 6

I made my Dad ring because I knew they wouldn't tell me if I did, considering I've already emailed them twice and heard nothing. From the sounds of it they were very polite to him so it should work if you get a parent to ring
Reply 77
Thats what I did too:smile: Haha intimidation tactics!
Vix x
Reply 78
I got my letter this afternoon and I found out yesterday what room im in, I still ain't got a recommended reading list or timetable yet.
Reply 79
ya saville is lively lol im in saville A xx