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Reply 100
hey gof! just a couple of doors away from me mate :smile:

Nice one.. I'll see ya around on sat i guess :smile:
Students at University of Huddersfield
University of Huddersfield
Reply 101
lol vixy, you never cooked anything at all? :p:
Reply 102
Watch out for a daft git who almost always wears black jeans and white t-shirt, possibly swinging various bits of martial arts weaponry around coming out of Cinder Hill area and you'll know its me :biggrin:
Reply 103
Look out for the girl who is constantly wearing a Lostprophets hoodie. That'll be me!
Reply 104
Ive cooked...just not anything edible yet:P I also seem to have a talent for destroying microwaves and smashing things. So avoid my kitchen at all costs!!!
Vix x
Reply 105
Your not the only one that can't cook, I'm lucky if I can make beans on toast without burning the toast or boiling the beans in the microwave.
Reply 106
Lostprophets woo! Ru liking their new look thou???
Vix x
Reply 107
I have full confidence in my cooking abilities! Half way through some Super Noodles that I cooked myself :biggrin:
Reply 108
haha, if you do struggle im sure someone show you the ropes of cooking lol. (just hope one of your roomies can cook)

microwaves are dead fun, when I stayed at bournemouth university for a week, a group of us got a house on their student village for the week. our own fridge and all that aswell.

had many a few flashes and things expand to abnormal sizes in the microwave lol
Reply 109
My best has to b not realising u have to cook pasta before u add it to a sauce...v crunchy hehe. Or there was trying to make mash potatoes with uncooked potatoes (I was still a bit drunk hehe)
Vix x
Reply 110
Lostprophets woo! Ru liking their new look thou???
Vix x

I love it. They're my favourite band though, so I'm not too fussed on how they look. But Ian is hawt and such a nice guy too.
Reply 111
rofl vixy, muppet. I should really post a new thread on how to cook a few things shouldn't I :p:
Reply 112
I know Ian *swooooooon*!!! Just not too sure about their seeming emo-ness but then Ian would look good in any style mmm hehe.
Vix x
Reply 113
Sorry Iv gone off the thread topic again havent I? My randomness for u!
Vix x
Reply 114
Please do! Only joking:P Althou advantage is I have everyone offering to cook for me and take me out for meals to make sure I eat:smile:
Vix x
Reply 115
not just you, we all have lol. how can we cross over to the gossip thread and keep the flow of conversation going.

*feels like i killed the convo now :frown:*

lol i would never have thought o.O
Reply 116
Well I like talking too much so I will keep the conversation goin just to make u feel better for killing it in the first place:P
Vix x
Reply 117
lol thanks. :p:
Jenkinson A
Flat 6
Room 2

Reply 119
This is so weird. My mate from Liverpool just rang...Im off to see Lostprophets in December now yay!!!
And Im talking to myself hehe.
Vix x