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I'm going seeing Richard Ashcroft in November...or December, I forget now. :P :cool:

You'll know who I am when you see me wearing a Latics shirt. :cool:

Oh and just a quick question, how people are there to a flat?
Students at University of Huddersfield
University of Huddersfield
Reply 121
Wow Richard Ashcroft!!!!!! Heard him singing bitersweet symphony live it was amazing:smile: And it depends theres between 6 and 8 to a flat:smile:
Im off to see Pink too for my birthday shhh lol
Vix x
Reply 122
bittersweet symphony is an awsome song, been playing it amongst a load of other current tunes non stop lol
Reply 123
I had it on my myspace profile until it drove my friends crazy but that has to b in my top fave songs ever:biggrin: Its my song for when Im driving too but doesnt happen alot:P
Reply 124
lol, dunno why but been listening to David Gray - This Year's Love lmao. I think I watched the Girl Next Door one to many times now so its one of those songs you get the tune in your head now and then grrrr.
Reply 125
O yes well Cruel Intentions is what always makes me obsessed with Bittersweet symphony. Once I watch that I have to listen to the song on repeat for an hour! Off to bed now lots of stressing out to do tomorro yippee!
Vix x
Reply 126
haha yeah same here... btw check your PMs :p:
The Chosen
Jenkinson A
Flat 6
Room 2


See you accross the way :wink:
Reply 128
Anyone know the postcode for Storthes Hall?
Reply 129
Theres a list of them all in the red booklet you got with all the contract forms we had to send in :smile:
Reply 130
kobrakai for what court?
Reply 131
Laycock A.

Royal Mail's postcode finder is no help at all.
Reply 132
Hd8 0wn
Reply 133
Hd8 0wn
Reply 134
Cheers guys.
Reply 135
hey guys,ive lost thaat booklet, if someone could post my full address for me that would be greaat.
laycock b
flat 8
room 1
Reply 136
storthes hall
(your name)
laycock court B Flat 8
Storthes Hall Park Student Village
Storthes Hall Lane
West Yorkshire
Reply 137
cheers jas! :wink:
Reply 138
No bother.
Okay guys I still have nothing through the post!
I mean okay I live in rural Lincolnshire but they sent the last confirmations out on Weds 1st class..

I called them and now have my room number etc!

House 36