Applying for English at Warwick for 2015? current students???

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Warwick has always been at the top of my prospective university applications for English. I went to an open day earlier this year and I must admit, I was absolutely blown away. It seems to most people that It would be completely logical to apply to the course. However, I'm a bit worried about a few things, for example the university is incredibly isolated and I understand that it isn't the type of place where you can go for a walk in the town at night. Also, I've heard from a current second year student about how the atmosphere at Warwick isnt all whwhat it seems, that it's very cliquey in relation to the types of people who go there, the international students stick in big groups and it's easy to feel excluded. Also, the high achieving status of the uni means that the 'normal' people feel almost looked down upon and other wordly' to people from rich backgrounds. I am in no way prejudiced or racist, I cant wait to go to uni and mix with a whole diversity of people, but the unhappiness of the current student I spoke to has worried me, especially since she also mentioned how the administration is particularly unhelpful and people are left with little guidance or support.

I understand that this may be only the one experience of one student. However, similar accounts have been floating around on the internet. I know I may not even get into Warwick so this fretting would be for nothing, however university applications are big choices and I just want to make the best ones for myself

Are there any current English students at Warwick who have any thoughts or experiences regarding this? Thanks x
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It's alrightish but Warwick isn't all it's hyped up to be. It is quite cliquey yes, and there is a big divide between UK students and internationals, which is probably pretty normal tbh. The location isn't great, it is isolated and the nightlife is limited: you have Leamington and Coventry, which you will quickly get bored of - it's got nothing on nightlife at other unis. I'd apply anyway as it is a well respected uni (the only reason I applied to Warwick), but if you don't get in I wouldn't be that that bothered about it. Though really university is all about the friends you make there no matter where you go, if you have a good friendship group it will be great - if not you'll hate it.

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