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university term dates- reading weeks??


Was wondering if anyone could help me with this: i was looking at the term dates for uni this year, and it seems like nottingham starts the spring term in January about a week before other unis.

Is there a reason for this, like a reading week or sumthing, or is it just always earlier?

Thank you

-emily xxx
You have one week of lectures before your study period for exams begins for most subjects. Other than that I just dont know.
Students on campus, Nottingham University
University of Nottingham
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Some unis have a 3 week Easter holiday instead of xmas, we do it the other way around. That might be why. xx
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When do the xmas holidays start and end?
normally like 16th dec (approx) to like early january, in 1st year we went back on 3rd Jan!! I think its actually 3 weeks isnt it though ... so maybe more like 10th.
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Term dates 06/07
Autumn Term: Monday 25 September - Fri 15 December 2006
Spring Term: Monday 8 January - Friday 23 March 2007
Summer Term: Monday 23 April - Friday 15 June 2007

Semester 1: Monday 25 September 2006 - Friday 26 January 2007
Semester 2: Monday 29 January - Friday 15 June 2007

The first reading week I remember reading being early / mid November, but don't take my word as definitive on that. Hope this was helpful.
1st Dec, crikey thats early this year!!
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Crap. Insensitive keyboard. It's meant to be 15. All fixed now.
Sorry for any disappointment
was gonna say, even in first year when we started a week earlier than you kids do these days we broke up later than that!!! i tought they had shortened the year or summat.