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Durham Applicants 2007 Thread

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maths mmath, Trevs
Chemistry Research, Durham University
Durham University
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Maths @ Grey
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So many Durham applicants:biggrin:
I'm so happy for you all!:biggrin:
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Anyone here hears any news from Maths department?
I am impatient!!!
Course: BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences
College: George Stephenson
:smile: *fingers crossed*

Yay someone else applying to Stockton!:cool:
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History and Politics at Castle!
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Archaeology at Josephine Butler
Computer Science (G400) at Hild Bede! Probably my first choice. Hope i get an offer.
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Combined Hons in Arts (English and French basically) hopefully at St Chads. (Fingers crossed anyway :smile:)
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course: Politics (BA)

at: St Chads
im applying to study SPORT and be at CUTHS!
i wanna go to durham even tho ill be like one of the dumbest ppl there! lol
Oooh lots of Josephine Butler people! I was beginning to worry it was going to be one of those colleges no-one applies to because it doesn't have the history and all that.. which would be nice but I do like the fact that it's all shiny and new!
Course: Law (M101) (with European (French) option HOPEFULLY (or else I ain't going :biggrin: ))
College: Open application

I really don't have a clue why I made an open application. I think it was because I'd just finished looking at Oxford colleges and I was bored of choosing colleges! Is there anywhere I'll be unlucky to get?
history at chads
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I'm applying for:

Course: Primary Education :smile:

College: Stockton
Course: Politics
College: St Cuthberts

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Course: Modern languages (French & Italian)
College: Van Mildert
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PPE at Hatfield :smile:
Psychology at St. Cuths
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Modern languages (French and German) at St.Chads. After Oxford, it's my first choice so I really hope that I get in. :smile:

good for you, chad's is the best