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Hey! I'm a year 13 student in NI sitting a levels in chemistry, biology, maths and history and in the future I would like to study medicine or biomed or similar career. Right so recently I have been struggling with one of my a level choices namely history. At gcse I obtained A*s in both French and history and were very close in terms of marks overall, I love both French and history however I decided to do history in the end as I thought it would be easier to get an A in it over French and that the workload would be lighter than taking on the language. Recently though i have found the history a tad boring and find it difficult at times to remember and recall information from the reading assignments and friends have been telling me a language may be more beneficial than doing history and that I'd get a lot more out of doing a language than history and have been considering switching to French.
so was wondering if anyone who studied/studies french and history at a level could help make a compasrison between the two including difficulty, workload, benefits, drawbacks etc. it would be very much appreciated!
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I debated between History and French also. I do French and am on A/B. The oral side I found very challenging - 15 minutes semi-unscripted conversation, but I think it's quite rewarding seeing how much my French improved! AS topics are tourism/popular culture/media/healthy living and lifestyle/family relationships. A2 topics are environment/multicultural society/contemporary social issues/cultural topics (study a film and a book).

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