PSYA3/4 Essays from Moi - Aggr/Rel/Percep + Phobias

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This is what i used to study for the exams. I printed them all at my school which has a double sided printer, so i used the useless title page so that the A01 is on one side and the A02 is on the other. There is also a weird bullet point/number system, but you can delete them and the essay would still make sense. Made purely to help revision (which it did!). I wrote what i think was REALISTIC to learn - people (inc my teacher) would shout that my A01 is not enough, but doing more would leave me screwed from my perspective.

Quick notes on uploaded documents:
There were some incredibly half assed attempts by me on some essays because i was predicting some topics over others (risky game!). Probably wouldnt recommend it, but with the quantity of stuff you need to revise for, i felt it was the best option for me . These are the following topics in the pack which you can do a lot better than me! (A02 is generally quite adequate imo)

Perception - Gibson A01 needs a hell a lot of work (hate him with passion, came up as well in June 13 lol), Depth Perception A01, B+Y (Bit too long?), Case studies A01 (Add one more study for an 8 marker), PA explanations (could be worked flossed a bit).

Aggression - Deindividuation A01 could be expanded upon, Institutional Aggr could have a better A02 balance, Aggr in sport A01 is too much imo

Relationship - Generally, the entire formation / maintenance / breakdown of relationship topics are a poor effort for me, sorry! (I more or less ignored the 2nd explanation) I attempted to try use the same points for each essay to cut revision, but its a bit iffy. Everything else is decent quality.

Phobias - Psychodynamic A01, Biochemical A01, Psychoanalysis, Classification (Incredibly lazy on the A02 on this one especially)

In the end of this hard work, i got 100 UMS in Unit 3 and 94 UMS in Unit 4 with these files so they cant be that bad! I basically just read over these essays and made sure i could regurgitate them.

I personally stuck to 5/6 A02 points for 24 markers and 3 A02 points for 12 markers. Add/cut/modify A01/2 points according to what your teacher gives e.g. You might do equity theory rather than reinforcement affect or have a much more memorable A02 point. Theres a lot of synoptic/IDAs since they make revision much better than having purely studies. I also tried to overlap studies on several essays to make my A02s more developed and reduce revision.

Good luck guys for psycho, its painful but the exam is all cool (Would have loved these sort of essays if i were in your shoes). FYI: You DO NOT need really high marks for Unit 3. If i recall, around 16/24 per section puts you in the A* boundaries. Also learn research meth early. You'll be able to revise comfortably the day before for it
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