Why does this boy keep staring at me Watch

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I meet this guy got talking and found out we had a few things in common, so would always talk about them when ever he saw.

Works at my local coffee shop, none of his other workmates are like this.

Did the whole gazing/staring for longer than 10secs

Would give me free coffee/extra wifi passes.

Seem to do the signs that he like me, but never said anything.

I did like him/still sort of do.

Found out a few weeks ago he had got a girlfriend which I was fine about.

But when ever he's working he still keep staring at me. WHY.

I was sat there today, I saw him arrive for work with his gf he gave her a hug then went in side to start work and she sat down across the other side of the cafe we was both outside.

Where I was sat the staff could see me from the counter, but where she was sat was out of view of the counter.

The entire time she was sat there talking to a friend he would keep turning and staring at me and had this strange/confused sort of look.

WHY would he keep staring and why would he stare when his gf is right there.

Also he doesn't seem like a player type of guy
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Not reading that but for goats, a male looking at a female surely means he wants to penetrate her cave of wonders.

Make of that what you will and enjoy the ride if you decide to take it.

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