How are things done in UK universities?

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Major differences between UK & US:

3. In most univerisities, there are no electives (or any required courses, for that matter). You CAN go to lectures in other subejcts, but you will receive no teaching; you cannot take couses not covered by your major.
Actually, most univerisites that I've looked at offer you at least a few electives. Some might only offer you one, others offer quite a few. Politics at Nottingham, for instance, offers quite a lot of electives, and even desribes it as provding "an excellent opportunity to experiment."

4. There is often quite a lot of choice over which papers (equivalent to courses) you choose to taken within your major; not only can you do double majors (Maths & Economics, or History & Literature), but within the major you can choose which area to specialise in. There will be general guidelines, so history majors will often have to take at least one paper in British History and one in European history, or something like that. But there is choice nonetheless.
Once again, I think that depends on the university. Some courses don't offer you any options within the subject in the first year (once again using the example of Politics at Nottingham), others quite a wide choice- you have to check out the individual course.

This, combined with the fact your exams occur twice in three years rather than every semister, means that you have a lot more control over how you use your time - you won't be constantly writing term papers etc.
I think that also depends- some univeristies do have exams every semester. But in most cases (although I think there's a few exceptions), your first year doesn't count towards your overall degree classification.
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