Male body image issues; should they be tolerated like body image issues for women?

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The HAES (Health at Every Size) movement was mostly put in for women. I don't fully agree with it, but it's far better than the 'thinspo' enabling young women with eating disorders. The majority of fitness magazines and men's lifestyle magazines are a contrasting philosophy to HAES.

The women's magazines-even the Fitness ones, although advocating self 'improvement' -have recently added columns about:


-the dangers of warped, unrealistic expectations provided by the media especially body image

-'loving yourself' despite imperfections etc. but the men magazines remain with somewhat bullying messages

There are still some which are all 1950s housewife 'wear this to catch Prince Charming's eye' but these are beginning to die out

Common ones for men's lifestyle magazines, however, are

-'do this to become a better man'

'do this/buy this/act like this and you will get laid, don't and you won't'

'control your emotions no matter what or she will dump you/no woman will ever date you again'

-'every woman loves a ripped rich guy in a sharp suit so you had better start working to be one'

'real men never let their guard down/never give into personal weakness'

'no excuses'


In these magazines I've noticed there's no such thing as 'body image issues' 'self esteem' etc. there are just men making excuses to be 'inferior' human beings, not work to be 'better'. Again, 'no excuses'. They try to avoid the use of the terms 'alpha' and 'beta', but their philosophy is basically the same.

I am trying to understand why there is this disparity, and whether this should be acknowledged, whether anything can be done? It's also present in real life scenarios, although I may have a warped understanding of this, hence the question.

I will admit they have started to add these-for example I think I saw in Men's Health or GQ an article on male depression/anxiety a few months back-but these are admittedly rare, especially in comparison to the massive self-help guides on women's mags, even of the same genre.


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