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Economics@ sidney sussex


(1st post so here it goes...) Does any1 know what is likely to come up in the "short test" at Sidney Sussex for Economics.

Is it likely going to be a thinking assement test ?

Much appreciate any comment
ive been trying to find out for weeks but with no success! i dnt think its exactly like the TSA because on their website it lists which colleges specifically use the TSA and just says written test for sidney. all will be revealed on saturday morn im sure!
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why don't you ring them up?
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why don't you ring them up?

No point, all applicants are in the same boat, if they wanted you to know what was going to be in the test they probably would have told you.
any1 one else apply at sidney?
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I'm going to be appling there next year :s-smilie: any tips? Thanks
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%%%%%%%% me....come back in 9 months?
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The point of the test is that it's unseen. If you're desperate to know, go to an open day and ask a current student, though I doubt it'll help all that much. Just concentrate on learning as much about Economics as possible.

Nabeel, there are no "tips" that'll help you get in. Just get solid grades if you can, and be good at your subject. Articulacy and confidence helps too, but it's not the end of the world if you haven't got those. :wink:
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I heard it's an adaptation of the TSA?
anyone got their reply back yet
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anyone got their reply back yet

Probably not as they're being posted tomorrow.
%%%%%%%% me....come back in 9 months?

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im applying to sidney this year for economics. :biggrin: