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Broadgate Park- Late Payment Fee Of £250!!!

I have just rang Broadgate Park and attempted to explain that I cannot pay my Hall fees until my student loan comes through... To which they said if that's the case I have to pay an extra £250.. this is the most skankiest thing I have ever heard!

The point is- the people who cannot afford to pay their hall fees now is 80% likely that they are skint and can't afford to do so, so it's unlikely that they can afford to pay an extra f****in £250!!

All this might I add is AS WELL AS THE DEPOSIT!!

I am so p***ed off...
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Make a formal complaint, I'm going to because I still haven't had my damage deposit back yet! You should definately do it, UPP take far too much money from us for such a little amount of service
Students on campus, Nottingham University
University of Nottingham
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This is another extra £250 in addition to the £250 damage deposit, right?
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Yeah, that's what she said! £250 if I pay after the 23rd, and £250 deposit.. so £500 plus £1495.. this is stupid..
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Don't accept that - 'late payment fee' is usually only £40 anyways. Even still, we'll help you out making a complaint to UPP - I'm in the process of trying to get my damage deposit back at the moment!
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Exactly, it even says that on the forms, that the fee is just £40, so why do I have to pay an extra £250, that's ridiculous..
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You won't have to... don't worry about it! You got Duncan on your side, and if there's anyone you want on your side, it's the president of the BPRA :wink:
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cool! i feel all snuggly under your wing!
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just bein random but.. 'funkybambino'.... i sent u a private msg the other day but dunno if it worked... but you're livin in broadgate right?! cos im in lillies, n i see you're from leicester... as for them tryin to take your money, fight for ur rights, and urrm if that fails, go and camp in their offices.
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Just sent you a reply Bex x
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fb, I'm sure Dunc will be able to help you out on this one, but if all else fails, contact the Student Union Welfare Officer.

Welfare Ofiicer Contact Details

This is the kind of thing they're there to help you with.
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funkybambino i dnt blame you for being P****d off. Surely they should try and understand. I rang St. Peters Court a while ago to ask them if they have received my Security Deposit and if i will be getting conformation of the payment. I sent it almost a week ago, and they say they haven't received anything!! Come On SORT IT OUTTTTTTTTTTTTT
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I think it's ridiculous that they expect you to pay large amounts of money before you get your loan in, andit's utterly ridiculous that they're going to charge you £250 if you can't! When I was in cripps they were really understanding about it, I didn't pay them till November and all I had to do to get off the £40 was go and explain to them that I hadn't had my loan yet. Meh, this kind of thing really annoys me!
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I hope this isn't the shape of things to come!

I am gonna ring the big boss man on Monday (been at work all day today), dunno if they're open tomorrow???

They can b*****x if I'm paying £250 for something I can't help.

I bet they're loving raking in loads of £250 payments from people, to feed their fat asses at their Xmas party...
Like I heard from one great man... what do you think pays for their xmas meals and pissup?! :P
I sent a letter to Nottingham Hospitality explaining that I can't pay my first installment until my loan comes through, they asked me to send in proof of my loan agreement, and that was that.