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    (Original post by katy7133)
    I'm absolutely hating uni at the moment. Results day didn't go too well for me, I was predicted ABB and thought I was going to get it but I got DDD which was a huge shock. I got offered a place through clearing and just accepted without really thinking about it. I only did it because I've been wanting to move out for so long and I had to seize the opportunity. I've been here a week and its awful. I have nothing in common with my flatmates, they're so rude and cocky and I feel like such an outsider. If I'm in the kitchen with them I'll talk to them but they always respond like they don't want to talk to me. Its freshers week at the moment, I've been on some nights out but they were awful and people who I've never met kept saying I looked ugly and kept laughing at me, I felt so self concious and its made me not want to go out at all. My course has started and I don't like it at all. I'm not gelling with anyone and the course is not what I expected it to be. I feel so uncomfortable and I really think I've made a huge mistake and all I want to do drop out and re-take my a-levels so I can start a fresh next year :~(
    The problems you're having appear to be mainly social. There's no guarantee that going to a "better" university will change any of those thing. If you're in halls, see the accomodation people and try and get changed. Keep going round the socs until you find a group of people that you like and stick with that one.

    As for the course- see about changing it - what exactly was it that you expected, and why is it a let-down?

    (Original post by AliceFleming)
    yeah i researched properly before i came, i was just sat there and it didnt excite me, i just think im one of those people who aren't meant to be at uni. Its not for me, i hated college and college coursework, so i dont really know why i thought uni was a good idea.
    A couple of my friends just finished their first year at SHU doing the same course, one of them loves it and the other considered dropping out, tbh I still don't know why she didn't. Out of curiosity, what made you choose it?

    OP, since you've only been here a few days I wouldn't worry about it. Bad flatmates suck but it happens, Sheffield is full of awesome people so you won't have trouble making friends, just gotta look for them! I'd only drop out if doing Journalism wasn't your first choice but you just took it because it was available, if you're gonna spend the next 3-4 years of your life doing something, it may as well be doing something you enjoy, even if it means waiting another year

    I hate Uni also and I'm starting my final year tomorrow. I'm dreading going in. The only good thing is that I have just two days of classes a week for the first term. Just stick by it at the end of the day it's only a few years it can't be that bad we don't like everything we do in life but we still do it to better ourselves.
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