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    from gcses onwards, I realised never to rely on the teachers but to focus on revision and independent work at home. I only really came to school to socialise and to keep my attendance up. I did well at gcses and a levels.

    A few problems in Years 9/10/11 but in years 12 and 13 it was much better as only the people who were serious about the subject remained!

    well guess this is slight;y OT but today one my friends in sixth form said he heard that a year 7 in our old school had punched our old headmistress and trashed the reception....

    bad behaviour is really annoying especially when the teachers dont punish those people harsh enough...

    In my A2 Economics class there of which there are six of us , in which three want to do really well and just get on with learning whilst the other half just want to talk about the last time they had sex and how big or not there knob is , i really feel for the only girl in the class who has to deal with this and some how is supposed to just get on with it and the constant attempts to make some kind of sexual advance on her. There are many occasions whereby disruption some of which were cited at the beginning of this thread.

    Moving on , this may be classed as disruption or maybe it isn't so here goes. I was the only one who regularly attended all of the classes and were so called blessed to have a teacher who refused to teach a class everyone was there because he couldn't be asked to follow up with those who didn't attend , it was in effect being punished for doing what you are supposed to do. Then he decided to leave at the drop of the hat just before spring break many parts of the Unit 2 for my AS geography was not taught so we had to rush over the content which i believe explains the lower than expected grades for that course and myself plummeting from a A grade in Jan's mock to just shy of a grade C.

    (Original post by TheArch)
    It varied. I was meant to be in top set for every subject back in secondary school, but due to some being full, I was placed temporarily to middle sets. All of the top sets consisted of the smart and quiet peeps, while the lower sets were filled with immature kids who do not care for themselves, the teachers or other students. And the disruptive ones always distracted me, and they always did the worst.
    That isn't always the case. I was in lower sets for English and Science. In my English class 5/6 out of the 15 were like what you have said but the other 9/10 were trying all the time. I'm retaking GCSE English in year 12 at the moment and in my piece of homework my teacher gave back to me today and she asked how I didn't get a C in year 11. In my Science class no one got a C in year 10 but all 25 of us were working hard every lesson and 23 of us got a C in year 11 and 2 got a B.

    Yes because the teacher spends the majority of the lesson shouting at kids etc. instead of teaching.
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    My primary (private) school was the best that I've been to, in terms of discipline.

    Discipline is instilled into everyone from the first term. The teachers are calm but firm, and they always speak, every time one of us messes up. Then, they escalate their voice if needed. Also, there was a Harry Potter style house points system which encouraged the majority of us to be well behaved as we're all in this together.

    We had some people who always disrupted the class and they were allowed to come back, but every time they did something slightly wrong, they were sent outside for the rest of the lesson. I was quite well behaved for most of my school years and when I was sent outside, I was only there for a few minutes and then I came back. This way, teachers don't spend a lot of time shouting at my classmates, only maximum a few minutes per lesson.

    The teacher made sure we queued for lunch in a single file. Single file were the two words that we heard a lot during those six years.

    A combination of all of those made my primary school have very good discipline. I saw my state school teachers struggling to instill discipline but they didn't do most of the things my primary school teachers did.

    Yes and it is because of the culture of teacher blame.

    I am consistently the highest sanctioning teacher in my school. You get a detention for:

    * Shouting out
    * Not doing homework with no valid excuse
    * Answering back/any other rudeness
    * Persistent lateness with no valid excuse
    * Refusal to work


    Yet I am always blamed for this and others make comments implying that I can't control my classes or "Joe Bloggs is an angel for me, why not for you?"

    The responsibility is always mine and never the parent's or the student's. Also, schools are quite powerless when students refuse to attend detentions. All you can do is call home and if the parents aren't supportive then you're stuffed.

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