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    I am currently taking Biology, Chemistry, English and resit Maths...I'm looking towards going into Med school after sixth form and I want to take another A level alongside those four subjects, my two choices are History and Philosophy and don't know which one to take! Which is harder, which will look better on a CV, which is more interesting, what are the exams like??

    Probably say Philosophy, but only just.

    Both are equal in difficulty, but in different areas. History is a lot harder in content as there's a lot of facts and events to not only remember, but to be able to analyse them. On the other hand, philosophy requires you to be a much more critical and deeper in what you're saying. Plus the theories can be quite complex and take some time to get your head around. So both are pretty challenging in their own ways.

    CV wise, it depends again who you are applying to. Most people who never went to uni/college would say history looks better as they are familiar with it and it's a nice well-rounded academic subject, plus it keeps options open. People who have grown through higher education would more likely say Philosophy as its more mentally challenging and requires a greater thinker than a historian. Since it's a traditional academic discipline, it's more likely to go down well with traditional academic employers/schools.

    In terms of interest, I cannot help you since it ultimately depends on what you like. I personally found both great, but philosophy is a lot more eye-opening and there's the opportunity to debate and discuss more rather than history. But if you have a certain interest in a particular time period that's on the course, it's obviously a no brainer there.

    Exams I cannot help you with there much either sadly, as it depends on the exam board. Both are hardcore essay subjects however and consist of the same mark schemes (roughly). You don't have much time but you have to write a lot in your exams, I ended up doing 19 sides in my 3 hour RS exam.

    Again, I'd suggest philosophy if you want something new and fresh. But check the exam board and see what topics are covered in history to see if that fits your interest.
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    Thanks for your help!

    Hi! I'm currently studying both subjects and really enjoying them! They're both hard subjects, so with History especially I think you'd need to enjoy or like what you're studying. My board is OCR with one paper having two 50 markers and another paper with a 30 and 70 marker, so if you really hate what you're doing then it will be a killer! Philosophy also requires many essays, but I find it very rewarding and finding out about different philosophers and thinking about their theories is very interesting!

    Both are interesting and worthwhile, so pick the one you think you'll most enjoy and get the most out of. Good luck and hope this helps!

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