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Not confident that I'll get a good job watch

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    I would like at least an average salary of £25000 and £30000 would be great. Any less and I'll see myself getting in serious financial difficulty. I'd like to move house but I wouldn't without this wage do you think I would live an equally lavish life if I stayed in my current house with wage paid for and earning £20000? And is £30000 and your own apartment enough? I want a good job but I'm a late bloomer and have only returned to college to try again at a different subject in accounting

    25-30k tbh isn't that much money and I'd consider myself a failure if that's the end wage I'll end up with.

    I'd even consider giving up my "career" to marry a wealthy business man. I have the looks.

    It depends what you class as a "lavish" lifestyle, and how long-term you're thinking.
    Even if you don't get a great job immediately, and tbh, you've given no reason why you should over anyone else, there are plenty of opportunities for progression later in life. My parents left school with a few O-levels each, and earn enough that I get minimum government funding. They just worked hard, and looked for promotions when they could.

    As a graduate, £25k without work experience and a good degree is actually quite a high target. But within 5 years, even if you start off on £15k somewhere, you could easily be on £25k just by having worked smart.

    Rather than worrying about having a lavish life, a nice house etc. it's probably better to focus on jobs you might like to do, then work out how you can get to do them. Nobody will employ someone who just wants the paycheck and doesn't care about the rest, so you need to be able to at least pretend you like the industry and company. And you can't do that if status is more important to you than anything else, which is the impression you've given.
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