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Just Found Out The Guy I Like Has A Girlfriend :( watch

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    (Original post by ChickenMadness)
    I guess if they very strictly conform to a stereotype (a lot of the time on purpose) then theres some truth to it. People just like copying each other for some reason lol.

    ye it's such a good song lmao. Found it on a misc manlet thread :laugh:

    Btw you can pm me if you need to ***** about random crap lmfao. Seeing as you said you have no friends.
    Yeah, especially hipsters - different from everyone except other hipsters :lol:

    Manlet threads are hilarious.

    Thanks. I do have friends lol, it's just that my closest ones as I said (who are the people I feel most comfortable talking about with this) are in Aus at the moment which makes getting in contact difficult. I've dropped them an email though :yep:
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    (Original post by Temporality)
    You are vezzy welcome mah dahling.

    Journals help, a lot.
    Sorry for the late reply - totally missed this! >.< Yeah, I was journalling a lot today - helped so much

    Yeah don't worry I always type for ages if I'm angry about something hahaha :P or if I feel passionate about it.

    And I'm sorry to hear about yours :hugs:

    Indeed and yes, you sound exactly like me! And when I give too much of myself to others and they betray me I feel very hurt because, well, I'm told I'm very sensitive. You're right, I guess it's about making your life about you, first of all, and gradually incorporating helping others (or just not harming others really and being a nice presence really) into that regime, as and when you feel ready, rather than going all out and giving your entire self to people while you are yourself a bit of a broken mess. That can never be good. You sound like a person with a lovely presence anyway and like youve done enough good for now :P, so yes, it's good to take time and focus on you . Absoloutley. Do it. Be a little selfish
    That's a good point (and thank you once again ). I tend to just jump into friendships and stuff with people - never had a problem making friends unless someone just doesn't like me for whatever reason, but I need to learn to protect myself more as well!

    Meh if he's one of those judgey judgey people who makes judgey judgey comments on twitter, his opinion probably isn't worth worrying about! I mean eating on the tube, what!? Lol. That whole craze of photographying women eating on the tube was bloody weird. I wouldn't attach too much significance to his opinions is all I'm saing
    Yeah, about a quarter of his Twitter posts involve criticising celebrities or random strangers TBH :lol: It wasn't women eating on the Tube (though I heard about that, it was stupid!) but just people in general. I do think that he sounds really passive aggressive though haha.

    Well, sounds like you have a very sound basis for developing your values from what you've said of yoruself already. And we're always developing them all the time, we're never quite there .

    Definitely. Unhealthy relationships can develop when we're at our most vulnerable so best to keep it when we're feeling a bit better .

    hahahhaha. Me neither, at the time. But afterwards you get a little time to reflect and you realise how silly you were being and I guess that can help you be less silly in future.
    Yep, I guess we're always a work in progress

    TBH I'm depressed about it now but usually I'm better than most at being "happy single" (I've had to be, learning how to be independent and whatnot. Hopefully I should be able to get myself back to that state again :yep:

    Yep, keep calm and stride past like a pro!


    You are very welcome once again!
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