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Campbelle House East

This is the last year of intake at Campbelle House East, it isn't being offered as accomadation next year.

What if UCL wont do anything to fix things that break at campbelle Easst beause of that?

But, it does mean that we can completely trash the place as it's not going to be used again.

Anyone else in campbelle east or lived there before?
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im in campbell east!!!

i didnt no it was the last yr of intake?!

aparently it has like rats ther and stuff. have u viewed the accomodation? is it nice? im scared now that its going to be really dirty/yukky/rubbish due to the rats rumours!
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im in campbell east too!

i don't know a lot bout it:redface: ! - what day you moving in and are either of you sharing?

guess we'll find out soon enough! :p:
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No, it doesn't feature in the 2007 accom booklet

Party at campbell East!! :biggrin:

I'm sharing
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im moving in on the sunday and sadly i am also sharing, u?
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I'm sharing 2 :smile: ! Cud be an experience i guess:redface: !! What subject are you studying?
cu next sun! :p:
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Hello I'm Josie, about to start French and Spanish, living in a shared room (argh no!) at Campbell House East. Until I read the above/below I was pretty happy about Campbell House East (minus the sharing bit), as it's so close to everything, but now I'm slightly apprehensive....rats!?! Also, why aren't they offering it next year? Don't know why I'm surprised - you can't expect much for £60 a week, I guess I was just taken in by the "19th century townhouse" spin.
See you all in 3/4 days, when we'll find out just how bad it is...:p:..that reminds me, should really start packing!
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ok u people are very very very unlucky
they do indeed have a rat problem, my friend found a mouse in her draw in her kitchen on a couple occaisions. the whole place is filthy and the shared rooms are waaaaaaaaaay too small (about a foot between the beds) compared to shared rooms at other halls.
also pray that ur not in the basement, cos a guy died ther in 2005, they found his body half eaten by rats - and im not trying to scare you, its very much the truth.
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Thanks for that info! I have just checked the UCL website and found a back issue of the Cheese Grater magazine which gives more detailed info.

I am not going to be living in Campbell House East. Im going to see them today and tell them. I'm gonna request alternative accommodation. I can't believe we wernt told about this!

If anyone else feels the same I think we should kick up a fuss...PM me!