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    I'm posting this here because it seemed as good a place as any and I can't talk to any of my friends or family about how I really feel.

    I'm 19 and this year finished my A Levels after 3 years at sixth form. I've just started full-time work at a call centre and am currently enjoying the job- but... I don't like my life. I have very few friends and the few I do have are often too busy or too broke to do anything much with me in their spare time. I love them, but I need to meet and befriend my people my own age. Now I'm in an office job where mostly everyone is older and has more life experience than me, I can't help but feel I'm growing up too fast.

    I've never had that many friends so I already feel like I missed so much in my teenage years, and at the moment my life is a mess. I can't talk about my darkest problems to anyone I know because I would end up burning my bridges and losing them, or at the very least changing our relationships forever. I guess I just need someone who understands and accepts me. I literally have no one to talk to and sometimes I feel incredibly depressed and alone.

    I didn't go to university because I didn't want to wait three whole years before going into full-time work, but I really just want to live my life and break away from everything currently in it. All I want is to discover myself instead of hiding who I am all the time. This post is a mess, but at the moment so am I... Should I have gone to university and would I have the time of my life? I really don't know what to do and it feels like I'm having an early midlife crisis. I feel trapped.

    I've never shared my problems online because I'm afraid to even type them. Here goes nothing.

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    University isn't a gateway to the time of your life. It is what you make of it, and many students come out of it thinking it was a mistake. They didn't like the university, course, or city, and are still unhappy and without direction. If you felt it wasn't the right decision for you then no need to doubt it too much based on your current situation.

    In terms of people: try nearby universities. You can usually pay a one-off fee to become a member of the union, which allows you to join the societies on offer. If you have any particular sports or random interests then here's a way to meet other people 18-24(ish) and possibly just get out of the house for a few hours a week. It's probably the only sort of activity place that will mainly be people your age; everything else will vary quite a bit but probably slightly older. It depends a little bit where you are as to what sort of other opportunities might be around.

    Make some plans, perhaps? I'm guessing you're not earning too much in your job, but there's potential to save a bit. Potentially look to move out? Either, plan somewhere you want to be, start saving, and then casually start applying for jobs around there. Once you've got the job you can look for a house share, and there's another way to be around a couple of people similar age (you'll probably get mid-20s-ish to share with without a huge hassle I suspect, as long as you're not moving into the middle of nowhere). If that's a bit too much upheaval you can always just look locally - keep your job as it is, but move in with some other people. May well partly decide how your parents feel if you're living with them, as it's probably more beneficial to stay with them and save up to make a bigger move at some point. Certainly no instant fix on this one, but it's perhaps a focus for the future, to help you finally achieve your goal when you've ironed out a few other bits first.

    If you're feeling pretty low and need someone to talk to there's always the Samaritans. It's what they're there for - to listen. It's not like a best friend to tell all to, but sometimes just getting it off your chest and talking about it will settle something.
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