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Holland and Barrett job? What can I do? watch

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    So...I applied for this part time, 16 hours a week, position at my local h&b store. I got asked for an interview, which I went to, and I was offered a job trial. The guy that interviewed me said that there was only one other person they were trialling! So I felt like I had a very good chance of getting the job!
    I went in on a Tuesday, with the boss, who was already there, and another staff member turned up an hour later. Apparently, there was meant to be someone else there (to cover lunch time!) but they never turned up!
    This meant, that when the boss went for lunch, it left me and this other member of staff to cover the busiest time! I knew nothing, and she hardly knew anything because she was new! That went bad...
    Then they said I was meant to be there for 4 hours...I was there 5, without a break! And, to top it all off, they didn't pay me! They never said it would be unpaid either!!!
    Then the boss guy says he'll ring me in a couple of days to let me know either way...it;s been two weeks!!! I feel so used by them, just because they didn't have enough staff members to cover, they use potential employees to cover! He even said they didn't have enough to cover!!
    What can I do about this? He could have at least told me if I had not got the job! And, at one point I was left on my own on the shop floor as the boss was at lunch and the other woman had to go get something from upstairs!

    So annoyed at this! Deffo not shopping there again!

    I work at Holland and Barrett, been there for a year now

    It sounds like you didn't have a good trial to be honest :') It sounds like it wasn't their fault with the lack of staff, clearly someone else was meant to come in as well, which would've helped.
    To do the trial, it's unpaid, that's standard wherever you go I believe. And if you were to get a job there, you'd have breaks, as we get in my store:
    4-6hr shift : 15mins break, 6-8hr shift: 30mins (unpaid) break, and 8+hr shift: 1hr (unpaid) break.
    They probably wanted to see how you'd do working continuously.

    In terms of the boss not ringing you, maybe just contact them. When I got my job, they didn't let the other candidate know, so they rung us up to enquire, you won't seem desperate or anything!

    When you work at H+B, you may be left on the shop-floor occassionally, but they'll try and prevent this whilst you're new. You also do training in learning all the different medications and supplements (etc) so you'll be able to advice customers, though tbh, I still don't know quite a lot of stuff since I just did the basic training
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