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    I started uni last saturday and i've found the whole process quite stressful, ive felt very anxious especially in the mornings and most at night to the point where i have lost my appetite and cant sleep well. I have made friends with my housemates but i feel like they are all okay while i want to jyst cry in my room alot! Has anyone else experienced this? I dont enjoy clubbing and getting drunk so i think freshers is hard because theres not alot else to do

    I have a friend like you at university, she didn't like freshers and spent her time hanging around in her room most nights. I've also been there myself, i did go to freshers but didn't want to go out every single night. Is a good start you get along with your housemates, don't worry too much about freshers because thing do change when lectures start. When lectures start you will be able to get stuck into your work and your flatmates will care less about getting drunk and spend more time around the house, if they do feel the need to go out in future at weekends suggest something other than clubbing, go see a band or check out events? for now go explore your new local area, maybe take some of your flatmates with you as well. Plan stuff to do with your day the night before to help you feel less anxious in the mornings. Make sure you still eat even if your not hungry the last thing you want to do is make yourself ill and if you feel homesick there is no harm in phoning friend and family at home for a chat.

    Good Luck and i hope this helped.

    Uni is a big change, very few people just hit the ground running without any hiccups

    As the person who replied first said, things will change dramatically when lectures start and the workload piles up. That's when the party people will get a reality check hahaha besides there are plenty of folks who don't drink or like the noisy scenes, you'll meet plenty, get used to your new life and enjoy it. With hindsight I realize that most people lose track of what they're in uni for in the first place and it usually ends up being those who don't worry about things. Don't make that mistake, work out what's important for you and make sure you work towards your goals, you'll be alright.
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