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    Basically I've always wanted to do med. For Standard Grade I got: Art - 1, German - A, English - 1, Physics - 2, Chemistry - 2, Biology - 2, Geography - 2.
    Then Highers came as a shock to me, my parents and my teachers. I received: English - B, Biology - C, Psychology - C, Maths - D, Chemistry(revised) - No reward.
    But for S6 I've taken Advanced higher Biology and Maths, Higher Physics and I am retaking Higher Chemistry. I was only able to do the Advanced Highers due to my prelim results and school work.

    So when I saw my higher results I just thought there is no way I'm getting into uni for med. They all want As. Then my guidance teacher said that she has had students who haven't gotten straight As go to med school and one even got in through clearing. She told me to contact different universities and ask them what they want from me this year. Following her advice, I emailed them. All of them replied in some shape or form, "sorry you don't meet the requirements". Apart from the Imperial college of London who said you need 3 Advanced highers and a higher all at As. I went to my college teacher to ask if I could do another Advanced Higher and she said that she found it strange that they would say that considering my Higher results and that it would be a big risk to take another Advanced Higher.

    And again a big part of me has kind of given up doing med again since those emails have given me a good idea of how nearly impossible it would be with my grades. Now I have no idea what to do in uni because I feel like I can't get in with my grades. I saw someone also ask "what do I do?" and the reply was go ask UCAS. I don't have a UCAS account because I decided not to apply this year. On top of that I have to go do work experience somewhere to do with the course I've picked, but I don't know what course I am able to do. So it's like this weird, annoying, frustrating cycle that has got me lost at what to do.
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    Have you looked at http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/wiki...ttish_Students

    I suspect that the reasons for the "no" responses are down to you only taking 2 AHs and the lack of a Chemistry grade.

    I've moved this to the med forum as there should be people here better placed to advise you on alternative paths and courses.

    I think your only oprion is to wait for your results, and if they meet the entrance requirements, take a gap year and work really hard on the other aspects of your application.
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