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Current balance and available balance watch

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    Ok I'm confused between the difference of the two

    My current is 1395

    my available is over £2000

    My student finance has been paid in

    So I'm a bit confused by it all what does this mean?

    It'll likely be your overdraft :-) So, you current balance is the cash which is currently in your account. The "available" is your current balance, plus whatever your agreed overdraft is.

    It could be because it hasnt fully been processed yet by the bank ... thats what the two numbers are for sometimes when you buy somthing in a shop your actual balance is higher than current or vice versa because you actually have that money in your account (it hasnt been taken out by the retail er yet ) but obviously you have spent the money and cant use the money again. It can also happen the other way around while checks clear. Or it could be an overdraft as the other poster said. It is obviously not applicable in this situation because your available is higher than your actual but somtimes if you look on a ATM then it will say for example current : £11322 but then say available £3000 because the machien doesnt have enough notes in it and because obviously it rounds it to the lowest denomination that can be made up with pounds
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