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    So I've arrived at my accommodation( 3 weeks ago) and settled in quite well ,I live in the city centre about 2 miles away from my actual university.Im surrounded by people from different Universities which is good for me.

    My mum suggested that I was a loner to my flatmates and I had previously been bullied in high school.When I told her to be quiet she suggested that I don't answer back ,and If I do that around my university I will get my "head kicked in" In front of my flatmates.I was so embarrassed and angry.

    After she left my flatmates said they didn't really mind

    She has also suggested I call her every single day at least once and basically answer her questions like:

    Who have you met today?
    What did you eat?
    Has anybody new come into your flat?
    Have you met anybody new in the lift?
    Have you met anybody new in the stairs?
    Try to eat food from outside like takeaways and fast food?
    You're not scared of using money are you?
    Roughly the same thing everyday .

    This is the problem .
    She told me to eat food from outside and not just cook in the kitchen.

    So when I went to my University to collect my ID card I met a few people and student reps and I was very polite in asking where they are from what they study and stuff like that.
    I was very tired so after meeting a couple of people decided to go back to my flat and relax. When I rang my mum later she asked the exact questions above ,however I hadnt eat much all day (all i ate was yoghurt) .My mum would go nuts If she new I didn't eat much so I decided to lie and say I had McDonalds .
    She then later said "You went by yourself to Mcdonalds didnt you" I said yes some students do that.
    She then went on a full on lecture/rant suggesting I'm and idiot and i'm a loner .I was on the phone in the kitchen in front of my flatmates and they could still hear her .

    Whilst on the phone
    She suggested I should have followed the people I met at the University anywhere,If they went to the library i should have followed them.Even if they went into a cafe I should have got the seat next to them and said "You don't mind me sitting next to you." She said it will be awkward at the start but thats how you make friends.

    I dont know but Im not taking her sh1tty advice its weird and cringey but I feel like her puppet sometimes.
    How would you feel if some randomer just followed you around? like a stalker.

    She has also suggested that I come home to collect food to take to university in 3 plastic tubs,and that every time I come I will have to bring the tubs and some clothes and socks and stuff to wash.There is a laundrette in my accommodation btw. She won't take no for an answer.

    She says you come to see us or we will come to see you.How are you supposed to respond to something like that

    My mum has siblings who like to play mind games with each other just to annoy each other.They just end up doing stuff on purpose and admitting that they just want to wind each other up ,they often target me because I'm the only one who does not take their sh1t.

    They all live together with my grandmother who also does things to wind her kids up even at her age.Stuff like saying something unnecessary about one of the kids.The whole family likes putting other people down to make themselves feel better.

    My grandmother has said stuff like "hes not going to go out hell probably lock himself in his room" WHO ACTUALLY SAYS STUFF LIKE THIS???

    Because of this I've ended up missing some of the things I really wanted to go to during the welcome week of my university.

    I recently joined a gym full of students .Without telling them
    theres a freshers fair tomorrow that I am going to go to and join as much"interesting" societies as possible.Get myself away from this negative energy.

    But I don't know what to do in terms of calling her everyday to be asked the same questions and get abuse hurled at me.

    And her suggesting that I should come home every 3 weeks,because I'm just going to say no I cant Im very busy.
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    Sorry I accidently posted this twice.My mistake.

    Your mum needs to be told by you to back off!

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