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St Aidans freshers!

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Yup, beats our new found den of drinking. Woo Uni!

Ooh, another important question - do they do Guinness? Or will I have to find a proper pub to satiate my desire for the greatest of beers?
Chemistry Research, Durham University
Durham University
Yes they do do Guinness, though why you would want to drink it...
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"Sacrilege! How dare you sir? Pistols at dawn I say..."

Actually hang on, it's Irish, why am I defending it like that? Ok, try again:

"Begorra begorra jeebus, don't insult de Guinness! A hey de diddly diddly doo."

Ah, my grandma must be so proud...
Guinness and black is alright I guess. And when they drop a shot in it and you gotta down it.

Apart from that, get me a decent pint of cider anyday!

ooooo arrrrrr
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Ah, a cider girl. Well as long as you're drinking proper cider and not White Lightning or any of that crap. You can still be glad you're not just a lager lout - by that I mean someone who only drinks lager.
A cider GIRL, and of course I only drink proper cider! Like a proper west-country girl should!
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£1.40 for a shot and mixer, £2.70 a double
£1.40 for carling, carling extra cold, and most other pints (some others are £1.50 incl snakebite, grotsch and stella i think is £1.50 and i think guinness is £1.50 but they did say they were going to change that.
real ale (timmy taylor, black sheep, deucher) is £1.60
£1.70 for hoegarden
£1.40 for wkd, smirnoff ice, VK etc
j20 = 80p, pint of soft drink = 40p, half pint = 20p (juice more expensive)
apple sourz £1.50 i think
most straight shots = £1.30
bottle of wine = £5 (**** wine!), glass of wine = £1.50
bottled beer is about £1.50, loads of different ones
cocktails = £2.50 for any of them (includes long island island tea, jungle juice, blue lagoon, granny smith apple etc)
£4.10 a single ****face (wkd, smirnoff ice and a shot of vodka) £5.40 for a double (second shot of vodka)
and although our bar isn't massive it has one of the largest selection of beers on tap

anything else?! :P:

i realised i forgot the shop as well as soon as i'd attached it but couldnt be arsed to change it
and you're right, D and E houses were entirely freshers, F haus was 4th years, G house was some 3rd years and freshers I think
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A cider GIRL

My apologies, I should really pay more attention to those handy gender symbols. And of course I didn't doubt that it would be proper cider - just had to ask :wink:

Thanks for the extended price list sarah - are you at college or do you just have an obscenely good memory for drink prices?
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i work in the bar!!
Dammit sarah, you know your bar!
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i work in the bar!!

Ah fair enough. What's the pay/hours like?
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Ah fair enough. What's the pay/hours like?

last year i was on the rota for 3 shifts a term (all the freshers were asked to email the bar man if they wanted to work so there were about 30 people doing it!! if people can't make the shifts they were given they swapped them or gave them away so you can work more by taking other peoples shifts.) each shift was from 7 or 7:30 til half 11ish and the pay is something like £5.26 an hour (i can't remember exactly what it was). in the summer the bars open all afternoon too so more shifts through that

new bar man might run it differently though, i'm not sure what he's doing

going up on friday to work for a week before freshers week, hopefully it won't be too quiet!

liz - do you know when we get our college children?! all of my friends seem to have them already and i need to write my letter in the next two days. i hope she hasn't forgotten about me
You should've got an email about it. Have you checked? Spoke to beks last night and she said we should all get them by today, so check your webmail.

If you sent an email she shouldn't of forgot.
And, purely cos I can't remember that far back, what do we have to bring to college in the way of bed linen?!
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i sent an email to her after helen's email about it, and emailed her a few days ago to check she didn't forget me and still havent got an email. i've been checking webmail like 5times a day for the last week for updates on bar stuff and for college parent stuff (hence i'm on this so much!) to give me breaks from packing! :frown: :frown:

bring a duvet cover and a better pillow!! ghetto gets duvet and 2 pillows, most of the rest of college also gets a very dodgy duvet cover!
Ah well, she may let you know later today or tomorrow then. Won't have forgotten. Cheers for the usefull info on bed linen!
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yaaaaaaaayyyy i have a child!!!! but she's doing anthropology and sociology, i have not a clue about anything to do with those subjects! i don't even know of anyone who does sociology this year to ask about anything, i'm going to be a rubbish mum! damn lack of psychologists!
A cider GIRL, and of course I only drink proper cider! Like a proper west-country girl should!


My favourite cider is Thatcher's Katy.

But I'm more of a Real Ale drinker as many on here know.
It's Ok sarah! I'm doing a sociology module this year so I'll know all about it soon!

You know i live but half an hour away from where thatchers cider is pressed?
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are the shared rooms ensuite in the b-curve?

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