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Nearest supermarket??

?? anyone no where it is ?? xx
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Morrisons is close by, you'll probably see it when you arrive. It's on Tritton Road, come out of the uni and there is one main road, follow that and your there. Can't really miss it. There's Tesco's a bit further , Lildls is closer than Morrisons but I don't think it's any good. Sainsburys, Asda's and a larger Tesco's are quite far from the uni though and you'd need a car/bus so not worth it. Most students seem to stick to Morrisons/Lidls and sometimes Tesco I think. Used to work in Morrisons and last years freshers weekend was absolutely heaving on the Sat/Sun so it's probably going to be a bit hectic today and tomorrow.
Students in halls, University of Lincoln
University of Lincoln
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theres A LIDL in lincoln?! COOL! CHEAP FOOD :biggrin: haha! i like morrisons! n its not too far away from me :biggrin: yey! *more reasons to shop at morrisions* haha :P
no, no... lidl = cheap alcohol :biggrin:
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ooooh yes!! cheap "archers" (peach schnapps) :biggrin: loves it!
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also good for cheap alcohol- netto!:biggrin: ooh i do love that place. got one near me here at home. not sure about lincoln though :s-smilie:
archers & lemonade, yummmmm.... almost the best drink in the world apart from malibu & coke... or with pineapple juice :biggrin:
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Lidl's is on the same retail park as Homebase/Pizza hut/Toys R Us.
Nope we don't have a Netto which is a shame cause it's dead cheap! (and I really should be packing instead of wasting time on here! I have so much stuff and I'm only moving 3
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It say's theres a netto somewhere in lincoln, according to the website... but it must be further out then!

hehe... yes i'm attempting to pack .. kinda.. ish..... well i AM trying! but this, myspace and various other sites keep distracting me.... lol

I have so much to pack.... everything nearly!
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Just asked my parents about the Netto and it's in Nettleham (a village just outside Lincoln). So it's not in the city centre and about 3+ miles from town (and 7+ from where I live now) so nope won't be going there anytime soon....
and yes packing has to resume unless I want to have to come back here for clothes everyday...which won't be fun!
grrr, mates just text me seeing if i want to go out tonight!!... i know i shouldnt but i really want to :frown: .... no, i must pack instead!!
**** it, am out :biggrin:
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heh yeah I was asked to go out tonight, but I thought I better not... just in case i'm ill tomorrow hehe.
I was absolutely drunk to the extreme last night... probably had my months alcohol allowance in me lol.... oh well

So i'll just be packing all night i guess! altho then I thought, it shouldnt take toooooo long
ahh, as long as i drink a couple of glasses of water before i go to bed i will be okay :biggrin: forgot to when i went out thursday so am still recovering from that hangover :frown:
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pity about he netto :frown: shall head to lidl and morrisons instead and discover a new variety of fake vodka/archers/etc :biggrin:
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hey....bin up 2day and saw lincoln and lidl, but is theere a asda anywhre near? or do i have to make do with
Iceland in town does so much cheap food, I seriously encourage people to go down there, I had 2 bags full of food and snacks for £7! It's not bad either I had some of it when I got home
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asda is ~3 miles away, bit of a long way for a shop (hykem way)