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Plz help me with these question.


The North Indian Motor Company has decided to computerise its system of keeping staff records. It currently has personal and payroll details of all its staff.

On the new system human resources staff will need to be able to access records quickly. The payroll system will run using all the data on a weekly basis. The master payroll file is sorted in worker number order.

Jasbir, a systems analyst, has collected a large amount of information about the existing system. The information will be analysed before the system is designed.


Describe the different items that Jasbir will need to include at the design stage.
Using examples, explain a factor that will influence the choice for each item.

I know the factors, can you please state the examples for each of the factor?


additional info:

in the mark scheme the factor alongside the 'example' is given.

One mark for each item and one mark for each example of factors

Item – Specifying the required hardware and software
Factor – one from:
the volume of data determines the choice of output devices + example
the order that data will be output affects the choice of storage devices + example
choice of software may depend on size of organisation + example
choice of software will be influenced by required output

Item – Designing data collection forms/screen layouts
Factor – one from:
the user requirements influences the format + example
the output required from system influences the design + example
file structures affect the design + example

Item – Designing report layouts/screen displays
Factor –
the content and presentation of report layouts/screen displays depend on the requirements of the users + example

Item – Designing validation routines
Factor – one from:
the form of input affects these + example
the file structure affects these + example

Item – Designing the required data/file structures/programming specifications
Factor – one from:
the data structures/programming depend on the types of processing + example
the file structure depends on the input and output structures + example
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