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It says you can bring kettles in your room??

I was looking on the Residences Connect section of the Aber website, specifically for Cwrt Mawr, Rosser and Trefloyne (Here), and in the PDF Residences Information book (here). On page 5, under Forbidden Equipment in Student's Rooms, it says jug kettles are permitted but must have an automatic off switch and be correctly fused.

Does this mean I can bring my kettle now?? (Legally, anyway? :wink:) It has an auto-off switch and is brand new, so the plug is fused correctly.

Any thoughts?
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yup.. you can bring kettles..
Students graduating at Aberystwyth University
Aberystwyth University
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I'm only asking because in the written (printed) version we were given it says kettles aren't allowed. Contradicting info seems to be in vogue at Aber :frown:
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Isn't something like your only allowed a certain type of kettel... or aren't allowed one particular type of something?!?!?
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probably means the ol' stick on the cooker and whistle type kettles.... sigh.. i dont know
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I think mine is a "jug" kettle - I think I'll choose to follow the Internet guidelines, if anyone asks :wink:
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If it runs off electric and turns itself off when it boils, you can bring it:smile:

Just make sure you use it away from your smoke detector...