Should I Complete My Final Year At University?

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I first started at University of Bedfordshire nearly 4 years ago now, choosing to major in Interior Architecture. Like most at first I was excited to begin and really believed I could get through with it. I believed I had picked the right course for a career. But as times went by I became disillusioned with my course and have now realised it's not what I want for a career even though it is good. It's just simply not for me and I do not feel like I'm making any progress in it. I simply hate it and find it very unsettling and boring. I've failed in my third year and am now required it repeat the year. I am debating weather or not to do so.

I really want to leave and not return and waste another year but this will upset my parents if I decide not to complete my degree. Most argue that I've come this far and I should complete it and not quit. My parents are saying that even though I detest my course, I should just try and complete the degree so can I can get my degree and after that do anything I want. They are saying that I don't have to find work in that practical field of Interior Architecture. Fair enough. Is it true that I can try anything else with a degree in that field and if so what? They are saying I can work in a bank (Though I'm sceptical) but can I with that kind of degree?

I don't wish to go back but I am worried that without a degree I won't go anywhere and will end up working in Manuel jobs and other low dead end jobs with no real progress for the rest of my life. I know that with a degree it will increase my chances of finding a better job and hopefully make me more employable. But of course even recent graduates are not guaranteed work anymore as employers prefer people with experiences now and we all know that. But it does make sense for me to at least have a degree than not.

What is your advices and what should I do? Sorry if I made this too long.

Any advice will be appreciated.

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