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Okay, so firstly. It isn't an inappropriate photo. So it isn't illegal.

So, we both do it. We take pictures of each other when we are least expecting it.

I did it today and to be honest, it really wasn't that embarrassing, but my friend loves to make a fuss about it .

So, today. We had a cover teacher. I said to her remember the photo I took of you on the bus? She knew what I was on about.

She said

"delete it or I will tell"

I was laughing and the teacher said someone from admin would take a look and see if it was taken in a classroom. It wasn't but it was taken on a bus. He told me to delete it and so I did.

We are still friends. Yet she keeps asking me

"Do you hate me?"

So if admin does come up and see me. Can I refuse to give it?
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You have every right to refuse to show it Though if you've deleted it, doesn't sound like theres anything to show.
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I have alot more photos on my phone. Which were taken in a classroom. They are all just stupid selfies and pictures of me and my family.

I consider this to be personal, so I don't want teachers seeing it at all.

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