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The government is the embodiment of what people don't want to do themselves.

When people say, "We must tax the rich and give to the poor,", they are happy to vote for policies that raise taxes, because they don't want to voluntarily give up a portion of their income to charity, but it's somehow alright if it's legalised theft, and people are made to give up their money against their will.

When men say "The country must go to war!" they are doing so because they don't expect to be the one's going, in spite of men's traditional roles as soldiers and fighters. They are unwilling to volunteer themselves for such a dangerous role. But when it's organised by the government, with the government happily sending people to their deaths whilst they sit in their air-conditioned, ventilated offices, and operated on a national scale, they don't mind.

Parents eagerly oblige "We must pay for education!", but that is because they know that education is their responsibility, and they don't want to pay for it themselves, so they insist that the government set up state schools for the purposes of indoctrinating (I mean educating) the youth of the nation, happy to know that other parents have been bullied into paying for their children's education.

See how these things work?

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