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Hi all.

These past few months I have been having alot of issues with my university. The main problem is that we were supposed to be given our dissertation topics back in may, with our proposal due 5th October. However we were only given our topic's this Monday (giving us 2 weeks to come up with our dissertation proposals) I was very annoyed by this.

Since Monday I have been reading literature but have had no good ideas for my dissertation. I am now beginning to stress and panic, an email to my supervisor was ignored, so I'm a week closer to the deadline with still no idea.

It would really help if you could send some basic ideas my way. I don't want to steal ideas but I need a bit of inspiration and a spark to work from.

I'm studying human Geography, the topic given to me by my lecturer was The Geographical imagination and Photography. If I cannot come up with anything in this area my second topic of interest is Urban and sustainable Development/Regeneration.

Please help. I would be extremely grateful, I'm not being lazy or trying to steal ideas, I'm very stuck.

Charlotte xxx
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You need to talk to someone. If your lecturers are worth anything they should be able to help you in choosing a topic and guide you. Try sending an email to another member of staff? Can you meet in person? also a proposal doesn't have to be that long does it? I even ended up veering off my proposal by a quite a bit anyway.

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