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Waterfront bar, King's College
King's College London
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TSR @ Great Dover Street Apartments

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Others? PM me or post below and I'll add you to the list. :biggrin:
My decadent view at night :love:
Waterfront bar, King's College
King's College London
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WOW nice view! I am JEALOUS!!!!!!!!
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Me too - the view out of my window is straight onto the LSE halls next door! Not particularly scenic - particularly when you're standing at the window, having a chat on the phone to your mum, and the person opposite, who has her curtains open and the lights on, suddenly takes all her clothes off. *Shudder*

On the plus side, there's a lovely view of Tower Bridge from our kitchen...!
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Oh, and it's 89h for me, not d...
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I have a view on the street so no naked people for me...
99F, block 8. Virna is my neighbor! :biggrin:
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Yup we're neighbours! We're the best!! hehe see you in the kitchen sometime :tongue:
I did enjoy cackling over those poor people on the X Factor. ;-)

Oh, and to the OP: name = Gia. :smile:
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They were funny... That Brazilian guy....
yeh i just got an offer for halls today looks like im comin great dover st. as well
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You know what's really starting to scare me, for the last two weeks on a saturday night, three of us in my flat have heard a girl crying in the courtyard, yet there has been noone there.
We happened to mention it to one another when we were in the kitchen, and we got all scared, then jumped because someone knocked at the door (there was no-one there either which freaked us out even more!).
So 4/7 of us has gone home for the weekend, i am going to be listening out on saturday night!