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There are a whole lot of careers events going on this week for current Loughborough students.

For further details and to attend any of the events below please sign up at Careers Online

Tuesday 30th September

Bechtel, Drop In, Wolfson Café, 11-3pm

Graduate Opportunities for Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Systems Engineers.

Atkins, Presentation, J002, 6.30pm
Opportunities in Defence for students studying Mechanical, Manufacturing, Electronic, Systems, Aerospace, Aeronautical, Software Engineering, Physics, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.

Wednesday 1st October

Unilever, Skills Session, CC013 James France, 2pm

Unilever – CV’s and Covering letters for a $50bn business. A workshop led by the second largest consumer goods company in the world.

Rolls Royce, Presentation, J104 & Atrium, 6.30pm
There are hundreds of opportunities for placement and graduate roles spanning a huge number of business areas. You could join us in Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Commercial, Customer Management, Purchasing, Planning and Control, Operations Management, Finance, Human Resources or Project Management.

Thursday 2nd October

EY, Presentation, Burleigh Court, 6.00pm

To sign up for the event visit the Events page.

Camp America, Presentation, J001 EHB, 6.30pm
The presentation is open to all students in any subject area. We will be looking for: Camp Counsellors, Sports Coaches, Campower Staff (behind the scenes), Music Counsellors, Performing Arts Specialists, Water sports Instructors and more.

Friday 3rd October

Johnson & Johnson, Drop in, EHB, 11am to 3pm

The drop in session will be a perfect opportunity to ask questions around the opportunities available and we can also give advice on how to approach the application process in order to be successful.

Johnson & Johnson, Presentation, J203 EHB, 6.30pm
We offer a mixture of student placement and graduate programmes. The sectors we recruit into include: Customer Development (sales), Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations, Supply chain, Drug safety, Engineering, Industrial design, Science and research.

For business type roles (HR, marketing, finance, sales, operations and supply chain) the discipline is not as important – we will accept any justified application. For the engineering roles we are targeting engineering related degrees.

For the industrial design roles we are targeting product or industrial design degrees. For drug safety, science and research we are targeting science related degrees.


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