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How could Imperial stop being the "oxbridge" rejects uni and be their #1?

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Agreed, was he sociable? Why do you think he got rejected by those ibs?

He was one of the most sociable people in my year! I have no idea why he got rejected by all the IBs, but it stands as a very good example that Oxbridge doesn't magically "open doors" for you.

Which is the reason why I had no qualms in transffering from Cambridge to Imperial and since then, I honestly haven't regretted that decision. The way people talk on here, you'd think that Oxbridge students get a Unicorn to ride to lectures in the morning - trust me they don't.
Learning at Imperial College London
Imperial College London
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you'd think that Oxbridge students get a Unicorn to ride to lectures in the morning - trust me they don't.

now there's an image! That's going to stick with me for some time.
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Hmm.. possibly implement a collegiate system? fais

lol like the idea of Imperial College colleges, that would really make life confusing for the unitiated!

Imperial College actually is a Collegiate college! It was founded by merging the Royal College of Science, the Royal School of Mines and the City and Guilds College in 1907. The School of Medicine was added much later in 1997. Each College had its own history going back much further than that of Imperial.

The College you were in depended on what you studied, rather than where you live geographically. i.e. RCS for scientists, City and Gulids for engineers and RSM for mining and geology students. There was fierce rivalry between the Colleges and a number of traditional events and Varsity days.

The Collegiate system was changed into Faculties recently (probably why you havn't heard about them before) but the Student's Unions for each College still survive. See for the Scientists Union, for the Engineers Union and for the Miners Union.
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This thread wasnt a whining thread, this was a thread asking how could Imperial become a number 1 choice instead of insurance choice???
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Most medics I know chose Imperial over Oxbridge and didnt even put it down as a choice as they find London unis course much better than at Oxbridge. For example at Oxbridge you dont get to see patients until the third year but in Imperial you see them in the first year.

Exactly :wink: I didn't apply to Oxford not because I didn't think I'd get in (I got all four offers for Med School) but because I'd actually like to meet a patient sometime soon....Had I applied to Oxbridge and got an offer, I would have taken IC over it, for sure. I had a long think about this when I was applying, and still have no regrets about not going for Oxbridge. It was only the prestige that attracted me - nothing else.

Perhaps if you got rid of the "College" after "Imperial" (once Imperial has left UoL) so it was just Imperial London, that would give it more of a university feel, rather than just a sciencey college of the UoL.
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I know it's been metioned before but LBC213 made a really good point - it's personal traits and how you come across that matter the most. the only time they're going to look at the uni you went to is when you send in your CV - once you're through the door even if you went to cambridge it wont matter a slight bit.

Ive a mate at university college dublin (and what kind of rep does THAT have with the layman) who got a sweet summer internship in asset management somewhere in mayfair and got asked back again for next year. My dad went the same place but still managed to get a offers from big firms to do his final books (some accountantcy thing), mainly cos hes got the gift of the gab.
interview skills are were its at when it comes to landing good jobs, IMO.

And **** any1 who wants to be at oxbridge over imperial, imperial still turn people down every year, runs oxford close in the tables and tops out on lots of subject specific tables. I didnt apply for cambridge (would have been a nice boost to know i could get in tho), and i dont regret it. IC was my no1. and I dont think we'll have problems getting jobs afterwards.