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Edexcel M2!!!! How did it go? watch


    Question 7
    Got speeds by solving simultaneous equations:
    e=vblahblahblah and conservation of energy equation
    a=1/3(1+e)u, b=1/3(1-2e)u (or other way round)

    Got e values by putting speed of b greater than speed of a and greater than 0:

    Proved another collision by showing speed of b after collision with wall was greater than a:
    equated two equations and then put e in as 1/2, worked alright but not 100% sure bout this though.

    Used P=fv for power one

    twas ok-tricky questions but all doable.The lamina one was prob the hardest-Anyone got solutions to them?????

    Hello people, anyone got this paper. I could not get my hands on a copy as someone at my school was sitting it in the afternoon so they were very careful about taking them all in so my mates couldnot bring one out for me. If someone can post a scan I will get on the case and have a go at some solutions. Otherwise it will have to wait until tomorrow when I can go back in and get one. My mates said it was okay, tough but fair, reading these posts I can see a lot of people with different answers. This could well be a did you use the right method paper. If you did for each question then the chances are you have done well. Dan

    questions 3 and 7 were the hardest i agree.

    I made a stupid mistake in the centre of mass question where i added the triangle and rectangle instead of taking away , but apart from this my method for doing this type of question was 100% correct. even tho i did this do you think i will still get some marks for it?

    Well ull lose a few method marks and mayb 1 accuracy marks. I dont think u hav to worry about the 2nd part of the q if u carried on the answer. u shood get full marks for it even if u carried on the answer of previous part (Mind u i hope u had the method corect on that!)

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    why dont my posts appear in the forum? one of you geeks help me out?
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