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Sharing rooms at Durham University

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That kind of thing annoys JCR Presidents.

Surely they expect it when at the end of the letter they give their email address and tell us to email with any questions? :p:

Chillax sounds like some sort of alien, so it must be cool.
Chemistry Research, Durham University
Durham University
Our JCR president won't care, shes cool.
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It sure is hard to keep up with posts on these threads. About 30 members on just now. Craziness.
I'm chatting with my room mate at the moment on MSN and he sounds like a nice guy, so I don't have any problems sharing so far.:smile: But then again, I have yet to spend 1 night with him, so I can't really comment.
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Don't you get to choose whether or not you want to share or not? Do Durham do price ranges on different sized rooms too?
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All Durham rices are the same except for St Cuthbert's Society and Josephine Butler. Different colleges have different policies on sharing and different proportions of people doing it.
All rooms in Durham (except those mentioned) cost the same, shared or not. This creates an equality between students and prevents ghettoisation of either rich or poor students. Differential room rates are also impractical in an ancient university like Durham - I mean, how can you say whether someone should pay more for a large, but drafty and shared room in the Keep of the Castle, or for a tiny, but warm and single room in Moatside? Should Bailey colleges charge more because of their better location w.r.t town, or less because the science site is further away?
Evaluating the rooms is nigh on impossible, so charging everybody the same and allocating to firstyears at random, and to thirdyears according to a ballot is the only really fair way of doing it.
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Well said!
:biggrin:: Thankyou.
*Receives applause*