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In 2012 I moved from the USA to Switzerland and took a gap year to learn German. I then enrolled at an international school last year and because of my American transcript and test scores they allowed me to enter the AS level program without having completed GCSEs. My current school is a rather new institution so unfortunately there is still a lot of uncertainty in regards to applying to British universities and my situation.

Last year I sat exams 5 AS exams and an IGCSE. My grades were.....
German AS- A
Biology AS - B
English Literature AS- C (4 UMS points from a B)
Global Perspectives- B
Music- D (A in performance, D and U in theory/composition notes)

The school has switched exam boards for music (to a more performance based course) and I will retake the exam.
I will be predicted an A in German, B in Biology and am waiting for predicted grades in English and Music which will most likely also be B's. So ABBB.

What mid-range universities would accept me for an English/English Literature program with these predicted grades and a lack of GCSE qualifications?

I have emailed many universities, all of which said not having GCSEs wouldn't be a problem but surely in a competitive setting this lowers my chance at offers? I am still really unfamiliar with the British system and have no idea how high to aim with this.
The entry requirements on the Internet also seem quite misleading???? It seems unlikely that schools like Glasgow or Edinburgh would require the same grades as less popular schools?

What are my chances with the schools listed below?

I am pretty set on English but would it make more sense to look into a less traditional/academic degree with lower requirements and less competition?

I am considering applying to the universities below (probably quite far fetched) and was hoping someone could suggest a few nice universities with entry requirements that would suit my grades and are less competitive than the ones below. I don’t really care about the school’s overall “prestige”. I am interested in the course and the atmosphere of the institution. I would generally prefer to be in a city or within reach of a city/airport. I have done hours of research but I am still very unsure of the whole system. I am willing to combine English literature with something such as media studies or even something unrelated like psychology or popular music.
I would also be interested in applying in any other European countries (if the course is in English or English/German) and if all else fails I would be up for applying to clearing or taking a gap year.

Lastly what would these grades be in regard to UCAS points??? Do I count the points of all qualification , or only take into account 3 A levels?

Glasgow- AAB-BBB
Edinburgh- AAA-BBB
RHUL- ABB (I have emailed them and they said no GCSEs isn't a problem and the application will still be considered if the A is in a subject other than English).

University College Dublin
University College Cork
University of Groningen

Thank you in advance for any help/clarification/suggestions! x

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