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I have a B question on forensic psychology to answer for homework on evaluating the methodology used when investigating interviewing suspects and I'm unsure if what I've wrote so far is right. So far I've got:

'One limitation of the methodology used to investigate interviewing suspects is that it often uses a restricted sample and so may not access a wide enough section of the target population to show true information regarding interviewing suspects. Mann et al used 99 (mostly male) Kent police officers when investigating police officers’ ability to distinguish between truth and lies during police interviews with suspects. This is a problem as there is no way of knowing whether the results collected in Mann’s study show officers’ ability to detect lies in areas outside Kent and therefore, the research is not representative to other police officers and so is lower in generalizability. However, Mann selected a sample of police officers as he aimed to test police officers’ ability to detect lies and therefore, the research could be seen to be more representative giving it greater population validity as it is measuring the officer’s ability to detect lies. Overall, this means that researchers need to be careful when using interviewing to gather evidence that may lead to a conviction as the sample size used in the investigation into interviewing suspects may not be representative enough to determine whether or not police officers have a good enough ability to detect whether a suspect is lying or telling the truth.'

And then I need to do one strength?
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