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Broadgate Park- Larches, Who's in there??!!

This is really pissing me off now that everyone seems to know someone else that's gonna be in their halls... and nobody seems to be in Larches!!

I think it's just a shack built for me, possibly a tree house..
:p: :p: :p: :p: :p:
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Lol I had the exact same thought ... I was imagining that they'd renamed the tool shed and stuck me in there :P
So yah im in Larches studio this year, but I cant remember the address off hand. Ill be a first year Law student, so from what ive heard you might not see much of me (ill be cowering under my bed trying to remember cases)

Anyhoo I look forward to meeting all the Larches lot this weekend (assuming it isnt really just us lol) :biggrin:
Students on campus, Nottingham University
University of Nottingham
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If I am in Flat 3, does that mean I will have one of those slanting windows in the roof?

I really hate them, they make me feel claustraphobic.. I need a window I can actually look and smoke out of!!
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I have no idea im afraid. I think im in Flat 5/6, which means nothing to me atm. I havnt visited Broadgate Park, but will be there bright and early Saturday lol.

Does anyone know where the nearest decent shop is to Broadgate park ? ie somewhere i can shop for the basics at reasonable prices ?? Thanks
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In Beeston there's a sainsbury's and a somerfield, an iceland and a wilkinsons. xx
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I love Iceland... I also need to find a good tanning/sunbed place..
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they have some sunbeds in the fitness centre i think :biggrin:
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Are they 200w?
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i have noo idea, was just reading about the fitness centre and it mentioned sunbeds somewhere, sorry
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That's cool! Just don't wanna be gettin' all pale and pasty when I'm there!
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oh my god.. u mean they have a fitness centre at broadgate??!!
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noo it's kinda near broadgate though, the erm hallward fitness centre? is that what its called? lol i cant remember! the place with the gym, not the UP sports centre.
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I have no idea.. I haven't even been to Beeston