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Hey everyone,
So I've just started my A2s, and I really don't know whether I should be carrying on with Further Maths.
My As results weren't too good:
A in Maths, Fine Art, General
B in History
C in Further Maths
D in Physics
I don't know what happened during my Physics exam, I was getting As all through the year. Seeing as I want to do Mechanical Engineering at a decent uni (AAB - BBB), I'm resitting both Physics exams, as well as 2 of the Further Maths modules.
At the moment I'm having some personal problems, and just generally feeling stressed from school work. I want to drop Further Maths, because I don't know if I'm going to be able to keep up with all the work.

Would it put me at a disadvantage to drop Further Maths? It is still possible to do Mech Eng with Maths, Physics and Art?:confused:
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Maths and physics are the essential ones. Further maths is worth having, but not required. Art is going to be less-than-useful on a Mech Eng course.

If you think dropping the Further will allow you to improve the physics, then consider it. Maths, further maths and physics would be best given your current set of choices, but it will be a bit of a drain to have that much number crunching and theory going on.

Maths, physics and art would still be acceptable qualifications though. They will require maths, they may have a preference towards physics (generally they ask for 2 "science" subjects, so maths and physics in this case) and not care too much about art but it will still be worth UCAS points and may raise your overall set of grades.

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