Hi, can anyone suggest some websites that offer guide on personal statement?

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Hi, can anyone offer some websites that is useful in helping students to write a personal statement? what do admission tutors look for anyway(for medicine)? I tried to access the Nottingham uni's questionaire page but failed, anyone has links to it? Thanx a lot.
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http://www.studential.com has a section about writing personal statements plus quite a few sample ones for you to look at (though not for medicine). Otherwise some standard personal statements for medicine can be found on http://users.ox.ac.uk/~pemb1501/WELC...d%20ps%202.htm and on http://users.ox.ac.uk/~pemb1501/WELC...d%20ps%201.htm. As for what you should aim to include in your personal statement:

-Obviously your reasons for wanting to study medicine.
-Evidence for your commitment i.e. work experience and voluntary work. It is important to say what you've learnt for these experiences.
-Other medically related activities you have done e.g. lectures/courses. attended, books read etc.
-Extra curricular activities.
-Other commendable stuff you have done.

That is just a vague content but it's a start. If you would like any help then just PM me (I applied to study medicine last year). Another good medical admissions website which you might be interested in is http://www.medschoolguide.co.uk/forum/.
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