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I'm an A-Level student in Rotherham studying English Language, English Literature and French, as well as British Sign Language in my spare time. I'm hoping to study English Language and Linguistics with the ambition to become an English Teacher for the deaf. I'm very interested in linguistics and the way that language works and how children learn it, and I am currently reading Steven Pinker's 'the Language Instinct,' which is actually really interesting. I'm so stuck with ideas for my personal statement though, as I don't know how to make myself appear like the 'better student' of the bunch. I missed a fair amount of college last year due to health issues which HUGELY reflected on my grades. (English Language - B; English Literature - D; French - E; Biology - U) I also lost my entire folder of all of my AS work for French a month before the exam. I have to work really hard on my personal statement now due to these grades, as my predicted grades won't be pleasant.. I dropped Biology (I'm really not a science person) and I am resitting the entire French exam (speaking, reading, listening and writing), the English Literature paper and the English Language paper, as I was 7 marks off an A and I am determined as hell to get an A. I feel like I've hit a wall when it comes to ideas, as I have no idea what to write at all. Any tips? I don't want universities to think that I'm not suitable for the course due to the time I missed last year, but I don't want to drone on the fact I was ill!
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There should be a section on your reference or UCAS form somewhere that cites extenuating circumstances as a reason for bad examination scores? Unfortunately, I'm not sure whether this just applies to being ill on examination days or during the year as a whole, so I would check that with a careers tutor.

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