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I'm applying for university this year and I'm confused about whether I should apply for biochemistry or biomedical science after hearing and reading a lot of conflicting information.

It is my intention to perhaps apply for graduate entry medicine after I graduate however in terms of being realistic I know that I may have to enter a career in either profession. Both courses appeal to me in terms of course content and I find them very interesting but I get confused when researching about other stuff about general careers because different sites say different things.

I guess I'm trying to find out from someone firsthand with experience in either field or studying it what:

Career progression's like
comparison of salary
Relative job security/current job market

i would also want to know whether the courses are interchangeable for example I read about jobs in clinical biochemistry require a 'relevant degree' could Biomedical science count or would I be limited to biochem?

I know this makes me sound lazy but I've already done a lot of research for it so tsr in essence is one of the last remaining sources I have regarding this.

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Ok, first up (you already know this but I'm going to say it anyway):
Biochem: covers all organisms, but only deals with the molecular level
Biomed: only covers humans, but involves everything from biochem to anatomy
Go for the course which interests you most, the job prospects aren't that radically different

In terms of getting into medicine the degrees are largely interchangeable, so don't worry about that when making your decision. If you go for a Biomed degree which is accredited by the Institute of Biomedical Scientists this could give you an edge if you were looking for work as a biomedical scientist. For clinical biochemistry, I'm 98% sure that a 'relevant degree' covers Biomed as well as Biochem, especially if you take plenty of Biochem modules in your final year.

The relative availability and security of jobs as either a clinical biochemist or biomedical scientist are broadly similar, and both degrees open up a range of graduate jobs which either require no specific degree or only specify a life sciences degree.

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