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    This is the blog of Kazoola! First year Physio Student at Hertfordshire!

    So, week 2 has just finished.

    Its been pretty hectic for the last fortnight, and ive barely had time to myself. Induction week was alright, it was mostly lectures introducing what we would be doing this year, with a focus on the first module, Movement Studies.

    Movement studies is a short fat module as there is alot of work but it will be finished in week 4. Luckily enough, some of the work we have covered so far i already studied in A Level biology (mammalian physiology unit), and so it was a little easier for me to understand. The people doing the course are really nice, and ive found my group to be so friendly. I havent had to get naked yet, but others have. There are only 5 guys in my group along with 16 girls, and everyone is from different backgrounds, i.e. physio assistants, college leavers, and previous degrees. This means that there are people who understand things better who can help you out, and people who are as confused as you too!

    We were given the timetable for up till christmas, and start our first placement on the 6th of january. Hopefully the location will be posted soon. Its turned out that im quite lucky. It seems that at herts, half your flatmates in the halls of residence do similar subjects to you. Theres another physio student, paramedic and nurse in my flat, and seeing as we have a lecture together once a week (for inter-proffesion-learning) we can really help each other out.

    I'll update again next week to tell you about how the first module is going and talk more about the content.

    We're really getting into the movement studies mdule now. It started out okay, but its getting more complicated now. Tutors are happy to go over things you dont understand though (luckily for me:p: ). So far, we've looked at planes and axes of movement, analysis of posture and movement which involves muscle groups (eg hip extensors, knee flexors etc).

    Mnday moring, we have a lead lecture, 1 hr, giving a general overview of what we will be looking at in more detail over the course of the week. Following this is a 2hr practical, where there is another powerpoint presentaion on a certain topic interspersed with discussions, question and answer sessions and hands on work, trying things out ourselves and on each other. This is the template for all tutorial/practical session.

    Each week we have
    4 x 2hr practicals
    1 x 2hr physiology lecture (with other healthcare proffesions)
    1 x 4hr slot for IPL
    1 x 1hr study skills
    1 x 1 hr lead lecture, and
    1 x 1hr session to review the week and go over anything you have any trouble with

    I know that this changes once this module is over, as 2 modules will be one at the same time overlapping one another. CResp (cardio respiratory) and NMS (neuromuscular skeletal) are the next modules. When we start these, i am going to hav thursdays off! YES!!!!!!!! It means my other days are gonna be busy, but i get to hav a lie in 4 as long as i want thursdays

    I just realised i never talked about freshers week. Let me tell you, it is awesome!!!! One of the best weeks of my life. Theres really cool stuff on every night, everyone is so friendly, and drinks are so cheap! The only bad thing is freshers flu which i am recovering from as we speak. Let me just give a piece of advice tho. DO NOT EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SNORT TEQUILA! I cannot stress this enough.
    We had dirty sanchez here one night - it was so cool. Its less gross when you see their stunts for real, probably because you dont get the up close shots that you do on tv. There was a marquee set up in a carpark for freshers week, which was really cool. Now its mainly the font bar and batchwoods on a thursday night. Batchwoods is a big manor thats been converted into club. I havnt been because its not my type of music (its mainly R'n'B), but people who have been say its brilliant. Personally, i would recommend tuesday nights, which is the alternative music night. It takes a bit to get everyone going but when they do, oooh yes. I got in a mosh pit there last week, and ended up with a black eye, bruises all up my arms and legs, and my thumb got stamped on when i fell over! Couldnt write for 3 days. One of the highlights was the ferret racing one friday night. You had to be right at the front to see the action, but it was hilarious. I won all my drinks being bought for me that night!

    My room is bigger than i thought it would be. Its still a mess because ive run out of room to put things, but its so much better than it could be. My flatmates are really cool too. I was surprised at how well i get along with one girl. We've really bonded #hippie#.

    (If anyone wants to know something more specific or that i dont mention, just let me know and i'll do my best to answer your question.)

    hey, which halls are you staying in? de havillan or the other one? what are they like? what is the night life like in hertfordshire?

    if you could reply that would be great


    Rach, check out the Herts forum on here. It has all you need, and much, much more.
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